Treatment Nozzle Kit

Treatment Nozzle Kit


What is it?

  • Standard and universal mounts that turn any major brand dryer into a treatment dryer
  • Delivers Heat Activated Treatment serums to penetrate hair while drying
  • Can be purchased with NFUSION™ 1875 Watt dryer

Kit Includes:

  • Patented Universal Treatment Nozzle
  • Two (2) micro-sphere atomizers
  • Two (2) refillable reservoirs
  • Heat Activated Argan Serum (100 ml)
  • Heat Activated Volumizing Serum (100 ml)
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  • Fast and damage-free drying
  • New treatment revenues
  • Soft, shiny, conditioned, frizz-free and manageable hair
  • Long lasting volume on fine hair textures

Features & Benefits

  • The Heat Activated Treatment serum is distributed through a patented micro-sphere atomizer 
  • The atomizer is activated with the air flow of the blow dryer, and the serum is infused into the hair shaft
  • Infuses nutrients while drying hair
  • Unique and effective form of treatment delivery
  • Fast and easy application
  • Argan and Volumizing Serums for all hair types
  • Easy to fill 15ml bottles
  • Color coded packaging for Heat Activated Serums
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    How to use

    Dry hair as usual, either with a styling brush or with fingers, using a side-to-side motion (slight shake) to activate the Infusion Treatment.  Use NFUSION Treatment Nozzle as a conditioning treatment by drying hair with the NFUSION Treatment Nozzle until hair is dry about 60% (less, depending on hair type), remove NFUSION Treatment Nozzle and continue styling as usual.