Better results for clients.
More income for stylists.


Stylists are on an artistic mission to give clients an unparalleled experience, and we’re so bold as to believe professionals should make more money for their time and talent. So with salons, stylists, and their clients in mind, we’ve created a series of treatments that allow you to give clients an experience beyond what they imagined, while making more without additional time.


Better Results

Clients come first. At the end of the day, their satisfaction drives future business (especially in a world of social media). So with your guests in mind, we've created treatments that improve customer satisfaction, elevate and accentuate your services, without any additional time.


“For a salon stylist, we’re already finishing hair. And it’s not a giveaway any more. We have to put value on it. The finish can’t be compromised, that’s why I’m with NFUSION.”

Alan Papaleo, Salon Papaleo Owner


More Income

We've got your back. Stylists are giving clients better results while earning $200-$600 more per week ($10-$30 per guest) by simply offering NFUSION treatments as an add-on service, without costing them any additional time behind the chair.


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